Authorised WhatsApp Business Partner

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Real-time engagement with billions of customers

Anukul Services is the authorized WhatsApp business solution provider.Our Rich Media Platform enables enterprises to communicate with their customers in real-time over WhatsApp with message prioritization and queuing benefits. The platform is capable to deliver notification/ alert, transaction and customer service related messages to the end customers.

Rich Text and Media Support

Push and Two-Way Messaging

Business Alerts and Transactions

Data Security and Privacy

99.99% Uptime

MIS Reports and Analytics

Ease of Integration

Easy to integrate and implement solution.

Campaign Management, Template Management, and File Handling.

Opt-in and Opt-out Management

Manage end customer database (Contact list Management) in real time.

Multiple methods to enable Opt-in: Missed Call, SMS, Anukul Services API.

Multiple Protocol Support

Multi-language support.End-to-end message encryption.

High availability of the platform.Protocol support – HTTP, FTP.

Intuitive GUI

Intuitive GUI for scheduling messaging and file upload (txt, xls,csv).

Efficient Dashboard and report center for comprehensive analytics.